The technically advanced thermal management system from the Asetronics means that the elegant ASELight 35 - like all the other lights in the ASELight series - comes without any disruptive or unhygienic ventilation slots! Despite its small size, the smallest member of the ASELight series provides impressive photometric peak values without compromising on handling or hygiene. The applications in which the ASELight 35 can be used are almost limitless, thanks to its performance, flexible handling and numerous installation variants.

The ASELight 35. Pure flexibility.

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ASELight 35


Aselight 35Aselight 35ASELight 35 mobil stand

Benefits Technical Data
  • Almost natural daylight conditions
  • Contact-free operation
  • Completely silent (no fan)
  • No UV and IR radiation
  • Robust metal casing
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • No maintenance costs
  • 5 year guarantee
  • 100% Swiss made
  • Light output of 35,000 Lux at a distance of 70 cm
  • Colour temperature 5000K
  • Operation: Contact-free on/off function by means of a sensor
  • Illumination field: 18 cm
  • Casing colours: RAL 9003 standard / optional RAL colour of your choice
  • Power consumption: <16 Watt
  • Power supply: input 230 VAC / output 24 VDC
  • Installation options: on a table, stand, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, mounted on a unit
  • Unparalleled LED service life of over 70,000 hours