The ASELight WORK provides the best lighting technology, perfect handling and high-quality workmanship. This lets you work more efficiently, more accurately and with greater concentration. As with the whole ASELight series, which is developed and manufactured in Switzerland, only the best materials are used in the ASELight Work.

Good lighting is a prerequisite for many jobs, so that the work can be done accurately and without fatigue. In industry, there are numerous application examples. Be it for soldering small components, the mechanical processing of handmade items or in the jewelry industry, where precious gems must be placed precisely. Other examples are jobs with insufficient light.

The ASELight Work. Efficient working.

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ASELight WorkASELight WorkASELight Work

Benefits Technical Data
  • working similar to daylight conditions
  • variable dimming
  • noiseless (no ventilator)
  • no UV and IR radiation
  • solid metal case
  • fast and easy to clean
  • no maintenance cost
  • 5 years warranty
  • 100% swiss made
  • Light output: 2‘600 Lux @ 50 cm
  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • manual brightness regulation 0-100%
  • illumination diameter 620 mm @ 70 cm
  • Housing color: silver
  • Power consumption: 20 Watt
  • Power supply: input 230 VAC / output 24VDC
  • Installation method: on a table, stand, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, mounted on a unit
Datasheet ASELight WORK